The Best Job-Board Sites

Once upon a time, candidates would check bulletin boards, word of mouth, or the local newspaper when searching for work. Once they found a job, they would mail, fax, or hand-deliver their resume. Human Resource professionals and Recruiters would sit at their desk and scan through paper resumes and cover letters. I do not know how many resumes HR and Recruit would receive back in the day, but I cannot imagine it was a lot.

Today’s recruiting is not your mother or father’s recruiting.

Recruitment sites have made it extremely easy for job seekers to search and apply for positions. These sites have been game-changing in the job-hunting world. Now, candidates can upload their resume, and with one click of a button and 3 minutes later, they can apply to 10 plus jobs. ZipRecruiter calls it “1-Tap Apply”. Easy peasy.

Finding a job in the form of networking is also primarily done online now.

A lot has changed; a new era of virtual recruitment is on the scene and here to stay.

Below are the best job sites:

The Big Players

There are a handful of job boards to pick from, and not all job boards are created the same, so be sure to do a bit of research before applying. There are targeting “niche” job boards, and there are all-encompassing ones. You probably should not rely on just one.


If you use only one job board, use this one. This platform is robust, with so many bells and whistles. There is even a premium version of this site, which I highly recommend purchasing. If you pay for the premium version of LinkedIn when you apply for positions, it will give you statistics to help you be strategic with your job hunting. It will tell you, for example, how many candidates applied for the position, where you rank among the other candidates, and a brief overview of the company (company size, growth rate, etc.). And if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription, at least take advantage of their one-month free trial period.

You can network on this platform as well. Don’t be afraid to grow your connections and reach out to HR and Recruiters. Yes, I said it. Get out of your confront zone and introduce yourself. HR and Recruiters will sometimes post open positions on their news feed. This is a great way to connect personally rather than being another resume that feeds through the system.

LinkedIn also allows you to set up job alerts based on your interests and experience.


his is an oldie but goodie.

Did you know Indeed was one of the first online job board sites? The site itself is a tad outdated, but it does the trick. It is a popular one for employers. Think of it as the “go-to” site. From my experience, Indeed works best for entry to mid-level positions.


What sets this platform apart from the rest is the company ratings and reviews. Current and/or past employers can leave reviews about a company. Based on the reviews Glassdoor rates organizations (1-5 stars). Think of it like Yelp, but for employees instead. This is great because it gives you the inside scoop on the company that you are applying for. Some of the feedback I have seen relates to pay, company culture, benefits, company interview feedback, management, etc. If you sign up for the notifications, Glassdoor alerts you if there is “hot,” “new,” “top company, or “hiring.”


This job board is becoming more and more popular and widely used. There is a wide range of industries and business levels. In my experience, this one works best for mid-level to upper-level positions. The user interface is friendly. The ‘easy apply’ bottom makes it easier and faster to apply for jobs. The messenger is also a great feature.

These are the job board big dogs.

Below are a few niche Industry-specific sites:

  • (Information Technology related)
  • (Non-Profit jobs)
  • School Spring (Education jobs)
  • USAJobs.Gov (Federal Government)
  • You can even apply for a position on Facebook

Job boards are an essential aspect of the job search but remember that the willingness to reach out to people for help will help make your job search a success.

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